Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Jack Ma: if the fruit is not ripe what are tech billionaires looking for in Nigeria?

They occupy front row in the tech revolution. They have the tech game on their hands. Now they have Nigeria on their minds. Why?

What about Nigeria has fascinated Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and Jack Ma, co-founder and former CEO of Chinese online retail giant, Alibaba? These gentlemen have all made physical visits to Nigeria.

Instructively, while political heavyweights or those we call global political leaders have not come visiting Nigeria, these tech game-changers have come to Nigeria. By the way, which is a more powerful category, political leaders of developed countries or these tech billionaires? And which category of leaders does Nigeria need more today?

Some people think these tech billionaires are fascinated about Nigeria because of the restlessness among her young people. That immense amount of energy waiting for just the right tools that will drill down into this rich territory, efficiently harvest the treasures therein and channel same to yield the right outcomes. Currently, this huge bundle of energy is resting on too much idle time. Obviously, there is too much idle time among many Nigerian youths. That’s the real juice in the pack. We have seen bursts of this energy here and there but we now need to galvanize the entire spectrum.

Whatever the specific interests of these gentlemen may be with regards to Nigeria, the biggest inescapable fact is that there is something hugely attractive about our beloved country. Despite the endless bashing and divisive utterances that assail her day after day. Despite the seemingly lack of faith in her by so many. Perhaps, it is time to look at her with a new set of eyes. Maybe we would more clearly see the same thing that is pulling the attention of those respected for their power of vision and discretion.

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