How Shade shaded Okafor’s eyes

Yesterday Okafor stood at the bus-stop bent over his mobile phone, oblivious to the strange sensations that were waiting on the other side of the road. The number of strange sensations were hardly discernible but one could tell from their eyes that nothing else but Shade mattered to them going by how they looked at her.

Suddenly, as if goaded by some force, Okafor looked up from his mobile phone and saw Shade. He walked past everyone and began to feast on Shade’s beauty. He thought he did his best to hide his actions but the strange sensations noticed and immediately pounced on him getting under every portion of his skin they could find.

Okafor felt the rush of the sensations inside him and began to believe only Shade could save him! Save him from what exactly, he did not ask himself at the time. But the increased beat of his heart told him, Shade was the cure he needed for the sudden sickness. He must talk to her, he told himself. So, he moved to talk to her. Shade herself took a few steps away when she noticed Okafor was moving towards her. Unfortunately, Okafor did not see the Okada rider who was trying to make an escape bid from personnel of the task force enforcing the ban of Okada riders on the expressway. He ran into Okafor, knocking him down and still managing to get away.

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