Opportunity #17 – To social media, add lobbying… #blackoctober

Social media is a good turf to wage all kinds of battle as we have seen! But it is not the only turf in which important battles are fought. Some battles may be won on social media and lost on the lobbying front. The rush, thrill and instant blast of social media might flatter the user into thinking it is the beginning and end of today’s battles but flattery is what that assumption is.

And no more. Legislation is such a huge contributor to how a nation functions and there is so much about legislation in our clime that many persons agitating for change know pretty little about. How many for example know that various committees at the different levels of legislation in the country, usually consider more carefully the many items that eventually become laws before they are passed into law? How many know that if they played their cards right at the level of committees, they can achieve far more than if they relied solely of social media? Perhaps, they are restrained because of fear that lobbying is not ‘instant’ as social media. Or maybe they are restrained because they do not feel ‘in-charge’ of the process as they feel when they whip out their phones and begin to punch the buttons on social media street.

Regardless of the feelings, lobbying has become something for individuals and groups seeking change to embrace. It is an important territory to participate in. Let those with the aptitude and knack for negotiation and persuasion identify what space they would like to play and move quickly.

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