De-stress from Covid-19 induced and related stressors with a small vegetables garden in your home

My neighbour says you can de-stress from Covid-19 induced and related stressors by growing vegetables inside used tyres, used paint buckets, improvised jerry-cans and other containers easily found around many homes. Below are some discoveries he had made since he began growing vegetables in his home:

  1. He says he finds having to water the plants every day, a rewarding and relaxing experience and lifting exercise
  2. He says just watching how the plants grow is equally relaxing
  3. The ‘green section,’ has added a more natural beauty to his home, relaxing him
  4. He believes the air is purer by some percentage because of the direct contribution of the vegetables to the general supply
  5. He loves the realization that he is consciously and directly in touch with nature, growing living things.
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