Rahab to political and military authorities: 5 Reasons why ordinary people share vital intelligence with an external sovereign

Rahab was a harlot in Jericho many, many years ago. Her story has plenty to teach us today about elements in the social contract between rulers and the ruled, which may be exploited by an external sovereign. By extrapolation, the lessons inherent in the story amplify the worth and value of ordinary citizens as the true sources for gauging the real conditions of a people. If anyone wanted to know the true state of things in any society, such persons must connect with the streets: Paraga merchants, roadside vulcanizers, mechanic villages, ordinary markets, hair salons, barbing salons, etc and hear the real conversations.

Those who think the corridors and seats of powers are places where the real information may be found because of the presence of experts and knowledgeable assistants and advisers forget that experts and advisers keen on keeping their positions at all costs, may tweak and put any spin on information and present same in such a way that hail or commend the activities of their bosses when in fact, the opposite may be the case.

Below are five reasons why ordinary people may share vital intelligence with an external sovereign:

  1. When the external sovereign can observe significant gaps in the relationship between ordinary people and their rulers, and exploit these gaps
  2. When the external sovereign dignifies ordinary people with attention and respect
  3. When the external sovereign acknowledges the worth of ordinary people as custodian of vital intelligence and the true nature and condition of life as it is in the society
  4. When the external sovereign allows ordinary people to speak, then demonstrate a commitment to honoring negotiated agreements.
  5. When the external sovereign makes provision for the inclusion of the rest of the family, namely their safety and wellbeing into any negotiation
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  1. D'frenzy August 11, 2020 at 9:14 pm

    Great article…!!! The street is where reality lives.


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