The bunch and burden called Nigeria’s Top 10 Highest-earning CEOs who received N3.5bn in 2019

One of the eye-catching headlines last week was the report titled ‘Nigeria’s Top 10 Highest-earning CEOs.’

Below are the individuals, and various burdens the report would have created or amplified:

Ferdinand Moorlman, N585.94million, CEO MTN Nigeria

Adewale Tinubu, N568 million, CEO Oando Plc

Austin Avuru, N440million, outgoing CEO Seplat Ltd

Segun Agbaje, N400million, CEO GTB Plc

Yaw Nsarkoh, N302million, CEO Unilever Plc

Michel Puchercos, N282million, CEO Lafarge Plc

Jordi Bel, N271million, CEO Nigerian Breweries Plc

Mauricio Alarcon, N218, CEO Nestle Plc

Lars Ricter, N217, CEO Julius Berger Plc

Baker Magunda, N193million, Guinness Plc

Below are some of the identified burdens:

  1. The burden of the distraction
  2. The burden of apprehension
  3. The burden of being targeted with all manner of motives
  4. The burden of unanswered questions
  5. The burden of political inertia
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