The lioness, its cub and the snake

My neighbour went to see his automobile mechanic to replace the brake pads in his car recently when he overheard two young men arguing about the lion in rebellion and million. One of them insisted that anyone with the heart of a lion who champions a rebellion will end up with millions. The other disagreed and argued it was only in the realm of conjecture but even then, there were gaps in the position.

For a moment, my neighbour forgot what took him to the mechanic workshop as he moved closer to the wall separating the shop from the compound where the argument was coming from. He wanted to hear some more but his mechanic cut short his attempt.

“Oga, abeg leave those people,” he pleaded. Instead of them to talk about how to get sense to make their way for this country, dem they argue about lion. Wetin concern dem with lion. I no blame them, jare, if lion get sense snake for no swallow im pikin.”

This was another interesting idea, my neighbour thought. Of course, he bought the bait.

“How snake swallow lion pikin? Abeg tell me,” he pleaded.

“Oga, you too no know? Sense pass everything for this life o. If you get money and you no get sense na one chance be dat o. And if you no get money and you no get sense na still one chance be dat.”

“You wan tell me about how snake swallow lion pikin, abi you wan tell me about sense?” “Oga, na di same thing o. Na inside the story di sense dey.”

“Oya tell me na.”

One day, lion come born one small pikin.

“Wait. Na lion born, abi na lioness born?” he asked him. “Lion no dey born na.” “Oga, you understand wetin I mean or you no understand?”

“No vex.”

“As lion born finish, he come see one antelope with the corner of im eye. Im bodi never recover well, well because he just born o but he no gree. Na so he jump and start to dey pursue the antelope. After few minutes he catch the antelope. Then he come dey drag am go where the pikin dey. When he reach there, he no see im pikin again but he see one big snake.

Immediately, im eye jam with the snake eye, he know wetin don happen. He troway the antelope for corner and jump on the snake. No be small fight o. But he beat the snake well well until im vomit the lion pikin but by dat time edon too late. The lion pikin don already die. As he see the pikin like this, the lion come weak. Na so the snake just waka dey go. Lion no do anything. So, Oga, na sense be the thing o.”

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