An interesting tale of deliverance at an ATM point in Lagos

On a fateful day last week, someone with retail business near one of the many commercial banks lining our streets, observed a gentleman as he parked his car beside the bank and walked towards the bank’s ATM to pick up some cash. As he walked towards the machine some guys jumped out from nowhere and charged at him for ‘parking on the road.’ They reeled out his ‘offense’ to him and the fine he was going to pay or they would impound his car. For ‘parking on the road’ he was asked to pay a fine of N80,000. Just like that. They followed this up with threats of what would happen to his car if he failed to pay the fine. He began to beg and ask for mercy but they offered none. It was inconceivable that they would let him go just like that when they already knew he was going to the ATM to pick up cash!

After persistent begging, they reluctantly accepted to collect N40,000. But it was not their day! Before they knew what was happening a group of men in plain clothes and brandishing pistols, swooped on them and began to beat them for extorting harmless motorists. After beating them for some time, they bundled the boys into their waiting vehicle and sped off. To the great relief of the gentleman whom they had waited, like hawks waiting its prey, to extort. Of course, he quickly dashed to the ATM, did his business and jumped into his car and drove happily away.

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