Prince Harry’s love for his wife makes it easy to predict the end

He is sixth in line to the throne, a very distant position. Indeed. His older brother, William, who is second in line to the throne, does not have a quarter of the pressure placed on his thirty-five-year-old shoulder. Yet he has chosen his response wisely.

When Prince Harry said recently that he would not be bullied into playing a game that killed his mother, Princess Diana, he brought a loud cheer to those in his corner of his ring, as it were.

Because he announced his resolve to love his beloved wife, the Duchess of Sussex, he has chosen what many people know as the excellent way, to respond to the bullying being faced by his wife.

Were he indifferent, nonchalant or insensitive, the result of the relentless attacks on the Duchess, would be easy to predict.

But love wins. Always. Despite the intimidating credentials of those in the bullying corner. This is the verdict of history. Many rivers cannot quench love, said the Sage. Those rivers are enablers, pouring just the right mixture of compounds required by love to spread its wings and soar. The rivers do to the fire of love what basic science teaches us: water and fire are not enemies but allies. Those who know, know.

Hearts in motion are unstoppable despite obstacles thrown in their path. Rolling round, rolling through and rolling on together, without any compass for navigation but having just enough faith in love to get them to their destination. A place where they will further affirm the superiority of one over the other. The superiority of love over hate and bitterness. And where the rest of us may once again check the indisputability of the superiority of love over hate.

Speaking of love, Paul Burrell, late Princess Diana’s assistant and confidante told Reuters recently that whereas Harry’s parents didn’t love each, Harry and Megan do. That sums up the story.

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