Who else went to space with billionaire Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, Wally Funk and Oliver Daemen?

All of us

Why am I not surprised?

Before you go self-righteous on me and start your ‘success has many fathers’ commentary, you should know that this is not one of those cases. Jeff Bezos said we, the real Amazonians, made the historic flight possible. The richest man to visit space said that.

He called you Amazonians? You?

I’m an Amazonian whether you like it or not.

I hope you will not be sued for copyright infringement. Are you sure you are an Amazonian?

I have an Amazon account. That makes me an Amazonian and a part of the historic flight. Part of me was inside that shuttle.

Part of you? What part of you was inside the shuttle?

The smart part of me

And what part of you is having this conversation with me right now?

The smarter part. You think you are smart.

I am.

Then give the man some credit and the rest of us who believed in him

Did I say I didn’t believe in him?

From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Your speech has given you away Speaking of speech, what do you make of Jeff Bezos speech upon their return to earth? He said many things

I know but what was most important to you?

The fact that he and his team are ‘going to build a road to space so that our kids and their kids can build the future.’ I just love this man. His faith in our children is incredible. And lest I forget, he also provided the critical success factors in future space travels.

What are those if I may ask?

For future space travels to be successful, considerations must be given to family issues (represented by his brother Mark Bezos), the past (represented by Grandma Wally Funk), the future (represented by teenager Oliver Daemen), the present (represented by Jeff Bezos himself) and that unknown quantity called by various names but for this occasion, I prefer to call it ‘the inspite of’ element. Inspite of everything else that is going on in the world, the crew and the background personnel went ahead with the exercise. Because that is how the world got to where it is today. The world moves…

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