The lingering message by that Chinese mother who put her back against the wind to protect her daughter

In a video that has since gone viral in the last couple of days, a Chinese mother was seen placing her back against a fierce wind to protect her daughter from harm. The wind had earlier knocked her and her daughter off a scooter. It had also knocked down a tricycle that was parked nearby. It didn’t look like anything could stand in the way of the wind but the Chinese mother stood her ground. Despite injuries to her arm and face, she held on. Until the wind relaxed its pressure and intensity. And the brave mother gathered her precious charge. But not before commending to the rest of us an important role for today’s mothers, who must place their backs against the various metaphors of fierce winds threatening to take the lives of our precious little children!

It didn’t matter that the Chinese mother fell down once in her attempt to find a good position to put up her resistance. There is nothing wrong with falling down. But we must get back up again and dig in, like she did.

How do you reward a mother who put up such a fight for her child?

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