Why #EndSARS protests is spaghetti not rice

It is not beans either. It is complex not simple. It is hard not easy. It is thorny not rosy. It is complicated not straightforward. It is Tangled not Tom and Jerry. Oh, it is a marathon not a dash. It is tasking not loafing. It is demanding, taxing, exhausting and troublesome. It is painstaking. That last bit is the precise point.

The entire architecture of the movement is windy, elongated, intertwined and scrupulous. It is fussy and especially exhaustive because of its exhausting character, something some people cannot grasp. And cannot fathom because of how easily it appears to change form and come across as unreasonable before it returns to the more friendly and reasonable appearance.

The announcements of curfew by Governors Jide Sanwo-Olu, Kayode Fayemi, Godwin Obasek, have expectedly, thrown a fork into the road. The announcements are an important reminder of the commonest tool employed in handling a spaghetti situation. Expert fork handlers, skilled and perspicacious from within the movement, must now distinguish themselves by their handling of this fork in the road so that all of the gains of these days become a win-win for everyone.

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