Nigeria will yet lead the world – Elon Musk says: “If people don’t have more children, civilization is going to crumble”

You have quickly situated and planted Nigeria in the context of the disrupting idea from Elon Musk. You Nigerians, eh.

It’s not what you think, my friend. Oh, how I love it when I see counter-perspectives that are logical, sensible and based on the truth

I know you have always been enamored by Elon Musk

Do you know that Africa is bigger than Europe and Asia combined?

Where are you going with this?

What continent did your teachers in primary school and secondary school tell you is the largest continent in the world?


Can you tell me any two cities in Asia and Europe combined that is as far as the distance from Capetown in South Africa to Cairo in Egypt?

There is none but I thought this discourse was about how Nigeria fits into the idea by Mr. Musk

It is my friend

Then please let’s stick to the subject

Where is former First Lady Madam Patience Jonathan? Do you think she has heard what Elon Musk said?

I don’t know. Stop jumping everywhere, tell me how Nigeria fits into what the man said

Elon Musk’s statement is the sweetest indirect endorsement of Nigeria’s birth rate and population status and projections.

I am listening to you

Have you heard all the many experts and leaders tell us that Nigeria’s population growth rate is a threat to her future? Who will feed all the many mouths being rapidly brought into the world?

Yes, who will feed them? Elon Musk does not have any problem feeding his six children. He has more than enough. But how many families of just two children can adequately feed and care for their children in today’s Nigeria?

You’re missing Mr. Musk’s point. If we change the narrative, and stop seeing these children as burdens and problems but as carriers of solutions to the problems in the world, then we would have begun moving in the right direction. Sorry for the digression but it is useful in this situation: Remember Richard Williams, father of Venus and Serena Williams? He had his 48- page plan ready with his wife when they decided to have the girls, who came in due season and have fulfilled the expectations crafted in the plan

I knew you would love the idea because you and your wife have not rested your boots but remember the status of your pocket and your wife’s

Don’t worry about us, listen to Mr. Musk. He says he cannot emphasize enough the fact that there are not enough people in the world. I am joining my voice with his. We need more people in the world. He said we should mark his words that civilization is going to crumble if people do not have more children. You don’t think he knows something that the rest of us don’t know? Surely, he must know something about how to feed the people of the world, or you don’t think so?

Did he say anything like that in the interview?

 I don’t recall

Then you should ask him how he thinks the worlds’ population will be adequately fed.

 I’m sure he already knows that

What makes you so sure?

 Africa can feed the rest of the world many times over? If we had farms all over Africa, we could feed the rest of the world with ease.

Remind me again of the role of Nigeria in all this?

 The young people of Nigeria, the bulk of its famed population and the engine of its population prowess, will someday ‘catch’ Mr. Musk’s current drift and with their boundless energy and intelligence, will assume control of the destiny of the land and extend its hands of fellowship to others in the continent, joining the rest of the world, will keep civilization on the right course.



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