5 things Tope Shonubi, Executive Director of Sahara Group would do if he became Nigeria’s president

Senior Pastor of Trinity House, Lagos, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, hosted yesterday evening, Mr. Tope Shonubi, Executive Director of Sahara Group to a zoom session in which he asked questions ranging from Nigeria’s current power situation, to other critical infrastructure needs in the country.

When asked what he would do if providence gave him the opportunity to become Nigeria’s president someday, Mr Sonubi said he would do the following:

  1. “Challenge and attack my weaknesses”
  2. “Find those who can help me, who have the strong reach I don’t have and then we work together.”
  3. “Be translucent (as it is impossible to be transparent in government)”
  4. “Make sure there is equality and justice; it’s the difference between men and animals.”
  5. “Seek God’s guidance and grace”
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