The citizen called Mr. Liver and his tale of a man’s enemy being those of his household

The liver is a very important organ in the body. Along with other organs, cells, tissues and system, it works to keep a man’s body alive. Sometimes the work these systems, organs, tissues and cells do, is heavy-duty. Other times it is light. The liver belongs in the category of the heavy-duty workers. But there was hardly any complaint about the nature of its task. The designer had made every worker fit for purpose, like hand in glove. So, there was enthusiasm every time duty called. Every time until the external conditions changed. The chief of staff, the one who directed foods and drinks into the mouth, stumbled on some good fortune. He came into sudden wealth and simply concluded it was time to make up, catch up and enjoy. The energy from the words alone compared to that of a local brew. He was high even before he dipped his spoon into the large bowl of rice. Someone told him rice was best eaten with a fork but he brushed aside the suggestion. How could anybody ever enjoy eating rice without using a spoon, he asked himself? How could they allow the grains of rice meant for their mouth to be falling through the fork and back into the bowl of food? Why go through the complex route when you could simply scoop large portions of grains mixed with stew and dip same in the mouth? Had he waited to hear the rest of the suggestion about eating rice with fork, he would have come to understand that the use of fork ensured he scooped a reasonable amount of food into his mouth that makes it easy for the mouth to properly chew the food before it is pushed down through the throat.

Consumed by the urge to make up, catch up and enjoy missed opportunities in the past, the chief of staff, extended the same attitude to other foods and drinks. Instead of bite sizes, every item must be taken in as a mouthful. If the mouth is not full and does not struggle to chew the food, the spoon did not relent.

This newly embraced system came with its own peculiarities. Foods that were properly chewed previously, were now being forced down, barely chewed, if ever the teeth touched them at all. Unknown to the chief of staff, it was a case of forcing a new system over an old system. The new system meant multiplied exertions and effort. Such that the organs, especially Mr. Liver began to feel drained after every call of duty. He began to look forward to the next call of duty with nervousness and terror. Unfortunately, the demands on Mr. Liver did not abate. All kinds of laborious task were thrown in his direction. Until one day, due to the heavy strain, it suddenly shut down.

Those who said goodnight to the chief of staff as he retired for the night woke up the following morning and found he had died in his sleep the previous night. They did not see the already lifeless Mr. Liver inside his bulging stomach.

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