Why have the rains so far refused to honour their seasonal appointment with residents of Lagos State?

It is April 4, 2019. The rains ought to have long begun their seasonal engagement with residents of Lagos State but the hot drama has been extended. And many are not finding the heat funny at all.

Why have the clouds flattered to deceive residents those many times they looked as if the rains would begin to pour down any moment?

And lightning too? Why those lingering flashes that pierced the sky on many nights loudly announcing that rain was imminent only for residents to wake up and walk upon the same dry and dusty roads?

Thankfully, thunders have refused to join this heat-orchestrated display. They have muted their deafening roars and stayed away.

But do any of these have anything to do with the ongoing construction works in the state? Surely, it is in the better interest of the outgoing administration for those mega projects, like the Oshodi Transport Interchange, the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Road, and the others, be completed and commissioned before the terminal date of May 29.

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