A teen’s take on what Amy Landecker should have done to tame Jamie Foxx in Netflix Project Power

“All that swag exhibited by Jamie Foxx (Art) in the recently released Netflix Project Power was because there was no chip implanted somewhere in his body.”

Those were the words of a teen who I overheard talking about the movie with his friend a few days ago. In my mind, I was like these children are watching too many movies. Covid-19 is to blame, abi. But I digress. He continued:

“All that Amy Landecker (Gardner) needed to do was place a chip on him, and fix the detonator button on her belt, ring or any accessory she could reach with the least effort. She had his history and she had him under control once. She knew he had access to the greatest power in that universe, the pistol shrimp. She knew all that talk about ‘It hit you so fast, it vaporizes the water around it. Eight thousand degrees hotter than the surface of the sun, bla, bla, bla. With a quick jab, the chip would have been implanted in a matter of seconds. One quick push and she would have shut down or/frozen Jamie Foxx before he swallowed the power pill. And that would have been it. Checkmate.”

“Bravo, bravo, bravo,” I forced myself into the conversation, fascinated by the imagination of the teen. “Amy Landecker would have given you a job by her side,” I added. But tell me, how did you come by that idea?”

“Kingsman: The Secret Service, sir,” he replied.

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