What killed billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, & why we must move beyond ohs and ahs to news of the sexual molestations of children

It is no longer news that billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is dead. What remains is the fact that not many people believe the verdict of the coroner that he killed himself in prison. Some people believe he was murdered. So we have those who believe he killed himself and those who believe he was murdered. There is a third category of persons interested in the case. Unfortunately, their position is

not yet popular as the other two but I believe it is the strongest and most compelling of the three. They have begun a quiet campaign, and claiming many more adults will die (Isn’t death a natural process that will come, anyways?) if we do not go beyond the occasional ohs and ahs when we see or hear of reports sexual molestations of children.

They insist we must not ‘normalize,’ the development. They are quick to warn of the subtle process of desensitization and that famous story of the scientist who killed a frog by boiling it slowly. We are being boiled slowly and we do not know. What is the most frequently occurring story on many of our popular blogs? Do a random check on some of the most popular blogs and see if you noticed it. Did you? Did you see the kind of comments that usually follow such stories? A man rapes an 11-year old girl in the bus; a man rapes an 8year old girl in his room.

We are gradually ‘normalizing the matter of adults raping children’ and the chicken are coming home to roost. Every adult must take this as their leading fight, next to survival, if they have not yet crossed that line. Thankfully, 2019 is rounding off and many people will start casting their goals for the New Year. This should be on top of that list.

We must go past the ohs, ahs and ‘omashe-os.’ It is a matter of life and death. Not many people know that lack of discernment is a source of sickness and death. Lack of the deeper implications of certain actions. There are deeper forces at play when an adult rapes a child. That’s the heart of this campaign. And why we must pay more than a feeble interest in the matter. We unleash into the atmosphere certain toxins that poison us all when a child is raped. This is not metaphysics, please.

Experts have long advocated the protection of identities of the victims. Rightly so. But the harm goes beyond the children. Unfortunately, here is why some think it is not their fight. They think it is the fight of the child’s immediate family (If they see it thus) and the law enforcement agencies. Let them carry their cross, as it were. And we mind our businesses. But it is much bigger than this simplistic waiver.

The harm done to the child, and immediate family does not reside with them alone. It is not individualized, but forced into the fabric of society when we violate those we are meant to protect. Children are not just our future. They are our present. They are our biggest therapy resource for getting back on our feet and progressing on our journey in life. And this is not about idolizing children in any way. It is about letting them be children and in the process automatically assuring our own wellbeing.

Below are some ways we are slowly killing or boiling ourselves with our ‘normalizing attitude:’

  1. We deny ourselves true rejuvenation, despite the burgeoning business of fitness clubs
  2. We lock away the future
  3. We lose our sense of wonder
  4. We become like one another
  5. We develop incurable disease conditions
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