Will Nigeria’s leading political party and the opposition party ever behave like the current Man-City and Liverpool Clubs?

It’s a false equivalence, my friend

Don’t be too quick; things in nature are usually more alike than they are different

I know how strongly you want to see a Nigeria that’s run efficiently like Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp are efficiently running their respective clubs; I have the same desire too but we must be careful not to throw everything into the mix, comparing apples and oranges instead of apples and apples and oranges and oranges.

Coming from a disciple of the Malcom X’s school of ‘By any means necessary,’ and a fan of Jurgen Klopp who threw in everything to get the result against Aston Villa in Liverpool’s last match, I am surprised.

With time, my friend. The answer will come in time. The way Man-City and Liverpool Clubs are currently behaving with regards to the pursuit of the ultimate prize was not something that happened overnight. It may not happen in this era but Nigeria’s time will come when the currently unsustainable version give way to the more sustainable version. You’re right, it’s not really a false equivalence; both teams kept working their coaching crews, who kept working their teams until they arrived at the current faces of the clubs.

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