This Christmas – How do those gripped by fear and uncertainty celebrate?

Fear and uncertainty are having a ball. The brutal duo are on a roll, gripping here, gripping there; taking garments, taking peace, Moving quick, moving steadily with stealth and unmasked guile. Looking in amusement at the end of the hopes of many. Extracting and transporting many from places they once knew as safe to bareheaded grounds laced with misery. Yet this is Christmas with the urge and reminder to celebrate. Celebrate?

How many remember Rachel who refused to be comforted because her children were no more? How many remember that Rachel’s children knew nothing of the ego trips taking place in the palace? Yet they were slaughtered because some individual simply interpreted news of the birth of the God-Man as meaning the end of his time as king. And just like that the swordsman went for all two-year-olds and under in the clime to slay them all. Rachel refused to be comforted. Who can blame her? Who can answer her questions and make the vagueness offered by those attempting to answer her cries to disappear?

It didn’t make sense to Rachel. Just as the persons whose actions and inactions are letting fear and uncertainty run without leash, cannot provide any convincing and truly sensible explanation as to why the twin beasts have been let loose on many lands.

Rachel did not receive back her children who were slain just as victims of widespread insecurity who have lost loved ones, are not going to receive back those brutally taken away yet those who draw consolation from the fact that the particular child that was targeted by the egomaniac, escaped his claws, are quick to point attention to a time in the future when all wrongs will be righted. Where those denied the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and the love of their families, will be given another chance to do so. Sometimes, it is called the coming Rebirth. Scholars who have studied the ancient texts and checked them closely derive enough consolation and motivation from their interpretations of the texts to make it an anchor for their souls in seasons where despair stalks the land without let.

Through it all, may all who have been gripped by fear and uncertainty find reasons to celebrate this season.

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