Why Majek Fashek wanted Nigeria renamed Abu-Jah

Speaking to a Daily Times reporter, Tony Icheku in 1992, the Rainmaker and Nigeria’s legendary reggae artist, Majek Fashek, who passed away in June this year said, “I don’t call the country Nigeria again. I call her Abu-Jah. The name Nigeria must be changed to Abu-Jah. It is the revelation from Jah to me… They must change it because the name is not helping Nigeria. Abu- Jah must be the name of the country. The name must be changed. White man gave us the name. Why should white man give us our name…Abu-Jah! Jah is there, Jah name is there. God’s name, Abu-Jah! Abi-Allah – God is my provider (intones Allah, Allah, Jah, Abu-Allah.

Abu-Jah, that is going to be my crusade. I am very busy preparing for a world tour now. But when I come back, I am going to embark on that campaign that Nigeria should have a change of name.”

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