Attracting tourism bucks from Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Justin Timberlake through top grasshoppers and crickets’ Diners

You always know when he is in a good mood. He hugs you intermittently and apologizes because of Covid-19 guidelines but before long his arms are outstretched. My neighbour wants to hug you again. You remind him Covid-19 is still on the prowl but his excitement is making it difficult for him. Yesterday, he found a way to laugh off envy that almost arose within him when he considered Kylier Jenner’s pink-laden Rolls Royce SUV.

This morning he says he wants to begin a Diner where he would exclusively serve roasted crickets, fried grasshoppers and other bugs some of the world’s biggest entertainers have been known to relish and enjoy with their families.

He tells me of the first time he tasted roasted grasshoppers in his secondary school in Benin City in the late 80s. He insists he can relate with the reported experience of these lovers of nicely garnished bugs. I didn’t ask him if he has tasted roasted crickets or fried grasshoppers since he moved to Lagos. I’ m afraid he did not give me the opportunity. He was so caught up in the idea. He would make his proposed Diner the top destination. He would attract big tourism bucks to Lagos and Delta. Those guys would not know what hit their palates when he is done garnishing the bugs with those irresistible spices from our spices haven scattered in Oyingbo Market, and those easily sourced from different parts of the country. He says he sees a great opportunity.

What else can I give to him but put faith in his faith?

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