How William Penn might help Oprah Winfrey tackle racism in her new TV series for Apple TV+

  1. The prevailing conditions that necessitated Oprah’s new onslaught against racism are markedly similar to the prevailing conditions under which William Penn approached his task of engaging with the natives – hate, bitterness, suspicion and dread
  2. William Penn didn’t approach the Algonquin chiefs as those before him did
  3. He did not attend meetings bearing arms
  4. He went along with gifts
  5. He said he desired nothing but friendship and mutual respect, not a condescending relationship
  6. He made them see by his words, attitude, deeds and outlook that his heart was not separate from his words
  7. And he made them see that by the force of his character, he would make his friends tow the same line and not bring any kind of injury to any native or their property.
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