Opportunity #5 – From the Ashes of Nigeria’s Black October – The opportunity to amplify the value of surprise (E shock you!) #blackoctober:

Is there any doubt about the genius of the individual who coined the now popular slang, “E shock you?” How many people doubt its power to replace “Ntoo” as a more appropriate expression in our society?

Ntoo,” which is often accompanied with the two index fingers pointing at the eyes while looking at the person being addressed, to say, “Good for you, or serves you right,” often creates despair that sags the soul.

E shock you,” on the other hand is not accompanied with both index fingers pointing at any pair of eyes. It is rebuke with flair and thought. It is rebuke with fun and understanding.

Something that even makes the person ‘shocked’ to laugh. Relax and enter the space where he/she can more objectively analyze the conditions that produced the “E shock you?” charge.

As we continue to examine closely the various ‘surprise’ components of the #EndSARS phenomenon, we must not ignore the contribution of “E Shock you.?”

There is no question that many persons were hugely surprised that those once characterized as ‘lazy’ and ‘only pleasure-seeking youths,’ could be as energetic, relentless and undaunting as we all witnessed. What were the odds that such characters were embedded in Nigerian youths? Does it not appear that some kind of dread for Nigerian youths now exist because of this gift of surprise?

It is the nature of the gift of surprise that for its value to be amplified, it must be reviewed constantly and updated. Because of that famous line from the sages – fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

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