Why Jude Law says humour is a distraction, and Alibaba, Gordon’s, Basketmouth, Yaw, Ay, and others did not take up arms

It’s been more than four months since Marvel Studios released the blockbuster movie, Captain Marvel. In the action packed piece, Jude Law dropped the unforgettable line that ‘humour is a distraction’ during a fighting practice with Brie Larson, the lead character and super hero in the movie. He directed his dart at Brie Larson but he could well have been speaking to humour merchants everywhere. The statement was made in a world of make-believe but discerning minds know too well that dominant philosophies are sometimes spread through platforms of make-belief.

Surprisingly top humour merchants like Alibaba, Gordons, Yaw, Ay, Kennyblack, Funnybone, Acapella, and others did not take up arms against Jude Law. Here is why these leading humour merchants did not take up arms against Jude Law: He didn’t say what kind of humour is a distraction. He didn’t say to whom humour is a distraction and he didn’t say in what context humour is a distraction. Besides, some of these humour merchants are not aware he said such a thing.

Also, these merchants like to pick their fights and when they begin their fights they never go far before they almost always say, in the middle of their provocations that ‘Na joke I dey joke o,’ something Jude Law is not likely to understand. And one which he may not have been trained to handle effectively.

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