Can we make Gembu our own Davos and attract the attendant tourism big bucks from visitors?

This year’s edition of the World Economic Forum, which holds in Davos, has just ended with participants going back to their respective stations carrying different bags of memories. United States President, Donald Trump, facing impeachment trial at home, left it all for some moments in the snow-laden city.

Other world heavyweights in business, government, technology, academia, and activism joined in the global talk fest. As soon as I saw in one report that over 100 world billionaires attended the event, a light bulb came on in my head.

The World Economic Forum is not just a talk shop for heavyweights. It is a certain money-spinner for Davos and Switzerland generally. It must have been boom time for hotels, which usually are fully booked for about a month leading to the conference. It must have been boom time too for restaurants and providers of complimentary services in such a tourism haven that some gentlemen conceived, developed and finally actualized.

Can we not replicate the whole World Economic Forum idea in Gembu, on the Mambilla Plateau, in Taraba State? The place is very cold, which gives it almost the Davos effect.

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