What was on Ikimi’s face that was not on Kingibe’s face in this 1992 photo?

What is it with you, Chief Tom Ikimi and Ambassador Babagana Kingibe today?

Just look again at the photo and answer my question.

Why? Chief Ikimi had his glasses and Ambassador Kingibe did not have his glasses.


What is good about glasses? If you must know Ambassador Kingibe had his glasses though not in the photo.

How do you see?

How do I see? With my eyes of course

I thought so.

You thought what? Aren’t you supposed to see with the eyes?

No, my friend, you are supposed to see through the eye.

Oh, William Blake, abi?

Sure, my friend. How did he put it again?

“This life’s dim windows of the soul, distorts the heavens from pole to pole and leads you to believe a lie when you see with, not through the eye”

Bravo, bravo. Why did you suddenly change your voice?

I remembered how the lecturer who taught us the romantic poets presented the poem the first time. He stroked the words as if he was strumming a guitar with reverence. William Blake had such effect on you but what has William Blake got to do with Chief Ikimi and Ambassador

Kingibe’s 1992 photo?

What is the screen through which you see the world? What is the filter by which you look at everything else? Have you subjected it to the test of truth and objectivity?

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