The fruit ripe o but Jack carry am go Ghana!

Isn’t Jack Dorsey entitled to running with the hare and hunting with the hounds?

Who’s talking about running or hunting here. We’re talking about tweeting. Don’t you get it, compare apples and apples, not apples and oranges.

Has Jack Dorsey stopped you from tweeting?

Why did he come to Nigeria in 2019 in the first place? Did he go to Ghana after visiting Nigeria or before then? Why didn’t he tell us he was considering Ghana?

Wasn’t he entitled to keeping his options to his chest?

Options ko, options ni? Do you know what it means to lead someone on? It’s your kind that break the hearts of young ladies and you pretend as if you didn’t know she was crushing on you?

Are you sure you’re not taking this thing too far?

Oh, when you were enjoying all the attention, you didn’t say anything. Now that you’ve left her with a broken heart, you want her to simply get over it and move on? Haba, how cruel can you be?

It was a simple business decision. Quit interpreting it like you’re doing. Life is always a matter of mixtures and medleys.

Are you trying to make light of this grievous incident? How dare you try to minimize the pain

Pain? What pain?

Oh please. I know your kind. You beat a child and say she must not cry. Who does that? If you beat the child, you must let her cry. She is entitled to crying if you beat her. Just as I am entitled to salivating if you bring a nicely looking dish in front of me.

Are you hungry?

I’m not and don’t change the subject. Do you remember the fellow called Ornan? Do you know why God killed him?

What are you talking about? Please keep this conversation within its scope.

Ornan thought he was smart, remember? He raised the lady’s hope and dashed it to pieces while he was enjoying himself at her expense. I don’t have the time to give you more details. Go read it up yourself. It’s somewhere in the book of Genesis.

You told me earlier not to compare apples and oranges. Should you not take your own advice at this time?

Pardon me, I’m feeling so hurt right now

On top another man’s business?

Don’t say that. Twitter belongs to all of us. How many units of its shares do you own? I’m not entitled to answer that question Thank you

For what?

For your answer

I didn’t you give you any answer

You did. You’re not entitled to tell me how many units of Twitter shares you own

Of course

You are so right. Can I tell you my biggest takeaway from this whole matter about locating Twitter African headquarters in Ghana?

I’m listening to you

This is simply another occasion to confront that thing called entitlement mentality and disengage from its beguiling grip.

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