What did 17-year-old Ivan Clark see from hacking the accounts of political, business and corporate titans?

What kind of seeds sprouted in his imaginations when he processed the headlines announcing the incident? Did he feel guilty or did he find rationalization for his action? Did he feel sorry or did he blame those affected for making it so ‘easy for him?’ Did he feel sorry for causing such apprehension and disruption in people’s lives or did he make excuses and blame those affected for being responsible for his action?

Should he feel guilty or should he stick with rationalizations? Do the prevailing systems of thought favour him feeling guilty or finding rationalizations for his action? What kinds of example can he readily access of leaders, influencers admitting guilt for wrongdoing or providing rationalizations for their actions or inactions?

What’s are the wider implications of him admitting regrets over his action? And what are the wider implications of him sticking to rationalizations and excuses for his action?

Which of the two options would make the world richer or poorer?

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