4 simple things about Microsoft that put it in a position to buy TikTok in the unfolding opportunity

  1. Microsoft is a tangible reality, no longer an idea playing in the minds of its founders, Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Of course, it is not a corporation that started yesterday. It’s been around since the 70s. Yet the undeniable lesson is the fact that its founders ventured when they did, validating the saying, ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained.’ What if they explored the possibilities but never took the steps to get started?
  2. Microsoft provided value through its products and services. It’s the raison d’etre for any enterprise
  3. Microsoft grew… in the many ways any corporation, business or individual, needing the most significant ingredient, must grow. Consequently, it became properly positioned to
  4. Take advantage of the current chance/opportunity to buy TikTok.
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