#CandidCITATION 1 – Sexual harassment is exasperating because Temi Otedola says (the sexual predator) ‘…is clever, manipulative and credible’

Temi Otedola provides one of the most fitting descriptions of the average sexual offender. She tells us that sexual offenders are a complex bundle of contradictions – ‘clever, manipulative and credible,’ at the same time. That they walk on this almost iron-cast tripod. Which is why combating the monster of sexual harassment is usually tasking and frustrating. For not only are the predators a walking bundle of contradictions, until available evidence reveals their true nature, they usually split up the audience or group who become aware of their inglorious acts – some people believe that they are predators, while others do not believe they are predators. Because over time they have been associated with the elements of ‘clever’ and ‘credible.’

Doesn’t the weight of evidence of a witness in court depend on his/her credibility? Don’t we all love to associate with persons described as clever and credible? Don’t we let down our guard after we become persuaded that the persons we are relating with are clever and credible? Who do we trust more between clever and credible persons versus stupid and untrustworthy persons? Don’t we ignore any warning signs that the individuals are manipulative because we already considered them clever and credible?

The predator in her life was clever, witty, humorous, and came highly recommended from an individual she held in high esteem, her dean of faculty, which unconsciously made her check him as ‘credible.’ Those two forces of clever and credible combined to make her ignore any attempt to pay closer attention to his ‘manipulative’ side. Why didn’t he ask a male student to teach him how to drive a car with ‘stick’ or register at a driving school?

When the fight began, the contradictory elements resident in the predator some of which had diffused into some of the people involved in the story, made everything complex, tasking and frustrating for Temi. But she received help. When it looked like there was no way out. Everything looked like her case would be dismissed and she penalized but help came. Unexpectedly.

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