Revisiting the argument about the foods looted from those warehouses during #EndSARS

I thought we have since left that matter behind. Didn’t we join the #Wemove train?

Where’s the #Wemove train headed?

I don’t know but we move

Even if it’s a rocking chair? For that one is moving too.

Go straight to your point and don’t make me begin to think you are becoming a saboteur

What do you call someone who ignores the state of his ill-health but pretends he is healthy and claims he has the wherewithal to move others to an undefined destination?

Are you shaking tables or what are you doing?

I’m not shaking tables even though I love your mention of the word shaking

I’m listening to you

Good. You see, there is an important conversation we ought to be having, which unfortunately, is not taking place. The foods that were looted from those warehouses were mostly processed foods

Were you expecting them to store perishable foods in the warehouses?

That’s not the point. Those foods are high in fat, salt and sugar

For people who are facing starvation in the poverty capital of the world? This is a clear case of chasing shadows, my friend. People are desperately hungry and you are worried about processed foods high in fat, salt and sugar. I hope you haven’t shared your idea on any social media platform. Don’t let them come for you o

Those foods can cause obesity and being obese increases the risk of contracting so many kinds of cancers. An expert Dr Giota Mitrou says at least 12 types of cancers.

Oh, common on. Did you see and hear the desperation on the faces of the ‘looters?’ you think those persons are afraid of death? Or all die na die does not ring true to you anymore or what? By the way Is Dr Mitrou a Nigerian?

Does it matter? I am saying the government should note the implication of a nationwide embrace of a processed food culture, especially for the future

Is it not those who are alive today who can see the future? And does your thesis hold for those in the rural areas? Remember, the bulk of the population live in the rural areas?

Then you have not gone to any village in a while. Go and see the use of noodles, pasta and different processed seasoning

Leave matter for Matthias, as they say. People will eat whatever is available. And they will bless it to give their bodies nourishment instead of toxins. Or what is the alternative to biting hunger with little or no option for satiation?

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