Those who are angry that news of Yusuke Taniguchi, the Japanese cashier with a photographic memory, went viral

Why are you so angry?
Why should I not be angry? What right did they have to release the news? Didn’t they know such news spread so quickly? And many more eyes than necessary will now be looking in his direction. We didn’t need some of the attention the news has generated worldwide.
The last time I checked you’re still a Nigerian. And the guy is Japanese. What about the news has riled you so?
You can’t be serious.
You bet I am. Some news items are best kept under wraps. They are not for everybody.
What do you mean?
The guy memorised…
I beg your pardon; the guy stole…
Okay, okay, the guy stole credit card details of 1300 customers using a POS machine…
And used the details to make online purchases for himself. He is a thief, pure and simple. By the way, you should remember that everything will be revealed in their time. There is nothing placed under wraps, as you say, that will not be revealed.
Then bring out the 4weeks old foetus from the mother’s womb and see if it will survive.
What’s your point precisely?
Oh you don’t know? You don’t know that when many in the global intelligence community first heard the story they wondered the possibilities inherent in the idea as they compared the early projections with some of the latest developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence, AI. Despite the many promises offered by AI, and the strides it has taken so far, many are still hesitant about the idea. So you could imagine their excitement when Yusuke Taniguchi showed up on the radar. He provided evidence yet again of the capabilities inherent in the human intellect.
What kind of capabilities?
I will borrow a famous line and include some add-ons, in this context. He who has ears to hear, let him hear. Remember that line? Now add this bit, he who has eyes to see possibilities, let him see possibilities inherent in stories such as these?
‘Am waiting for you.
You wanted to know why I was angry. Some members of the community I talked about already
activated various undercover operations aimed at secretly engaging Yusuke Taniguchi. Some female
field agents were to coordinate physical liaisons with him that would have produced pregnancies.
Those babies, who clearly, will have those photographic memory capabilities, will then be
deliberately groomed through a systematic developmental programme that easily lets the world
harvest an endless spectrum of possibilities. Isn’t a human with those capabilities better than a
I hope you know that AI has come to stay?
There is no question about that but more discerning persons know where to harvest the right
combination of natural capabilities that represent the real insurance against those fears of AI
instruments transmuting, having a mind of their own, and the frightening prospects of that

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