President Xi Jinping says sanctions on Russia will dampen the global economy. What must Nigeria and Africa do?

What exactly did President Xi say? I want to hear his exact words and to whom they were addressed

I will tell you but remind me to tell you something my late father told me almost 30years ago.


While addressing President Emmanuel Macron of France and Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany at a summit a few days ago, China’s President Xi Jinping said, “Relevant sanctions will affect global finance, energy, transport and stability of supply chains, and drag down the global economy which is already under the heavy burden of the pandemic.”

But he simply stated the obvious.

I know he did.


How much fuel do you have in your car? And when was the last time you bought fuel? Look, if nobody sounded any alarm to you Nigerians and the rest of Africa before now, that was your alarm. A wiseman once said if you ran with footmen and they outran you, how would you cope if you were asked to run with men mounted on horses? If the rest of the world that have demonstrated better coping mechanisms with tough challenges are jittery because of the fallout of sanctions on Russia, what will happen to Nigeria and the rest of Africa that doesn’t have such a history?

Hmm. But tell me, how exactly will this prognosis help a continent already battling different shades and forms of depression. You quoted a wiseman; another wiseman once said he that is down needs fear no fall.

He didn’t make the quote in the context of what we are discussing. He was talking about the virtues of humility

Ok, look around you. Doesn’t it look like we need more hope than misery at this time? Aren’t you just tired by the widespread penetration of misery?

I am but you see, I am a scientist and I work with facts! All the facts and indicators are really worrisome

Please get me a shot of hope and leave those facts awhile; a dead man knows no facts or indicators.

Because you persisted, I will give you something. It is the only thing I have left. How did Nigeria and the rest of Africa ‘beat’ Covid? I hope you noticed my hands when I used the word, ‘beat?’ Do you remember? The prognosis didn’t look good at all. But here we are. Go and gather those in your circle of influence and remind them to hold tightly to the Formula by which they survived that season. Remind them to put before their faces continually one of the cheering words given to humanity for such a time as this: “When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, ‘There is lifting up; and he shall save the humble person” This is but a key that opens the right door Nigeria and the rest of Africa needs to enter at this time. Will you try it?

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