Karim Benzema’s Feet

Are tools of conquest and goal spoilers.
They point to a pair of ruthlessness
When quickened.
In a moment, either can strike the ball
With remarkable precision
As if we need further proof
That goals suffer when then are present.
When the deed is done
They usually leave a mix-bag
Of taste in many mouths.
There is something in them
That is so destructive
To the blossoming goals and expectations
Of many.
When the rush of the moment
Amplified by the energy from the stands
Call out the fierce pair
It is because they sense that triumph is near.
How do the pair identify the chinks
And spoil the goal shortly after?
They have not found
A relentless burst of enthusiasm
In any other 34year old
Like they have found
In Karim Benzema.

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