What should she have pulled instead of the hair?

I suppose that when two ladies are angry at each other and things approach boiling point, the temptation to reach for each other’s hair become really strong.

Like fire, anger could be spontaneous, difficult to contain, and destructive. But what really is the best way to respond to a deeply provoking situation, the kind which was witnessed last week when two ladies flared up at each other, one pulling the hair of the other, and losing her place eventually, in a popular television series?

Many of her distraught fans wondered why she lost her cool that way. They wished she did not let her fuse blow up by her reaction?

But what should she have pulled if not her rival’s hair? The answer is simple. She should have pulled apart some space, walked into it, away from the aggravating situation. To pull apart some space, walked into it, away from the ‘hot area,’ is a proven, time-tested way for handling anger.

Walking away creates just the right condition for anger to weary itself out. As surely, as it always does.

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