The Parable of Innas, the Sienna Driver

When Innas got wind of the plan by his boss to get another driver to drive him to the biggest feast in town, something that was the top event he attended with his boss every year, he activated a plan of his. He did not like the prospect that another person would be seen with his boss instead of him. Being seen with his boss came with its own special rewards. Rewards he did not want another person to enjoy.

So, Innas filled up the Sienna with passengers his boss had never seen before or heard about and drove the vehicle to the spot he was supposed to pick up the ‘new driver.’ When he pulled up beside the new driver, he walked around to Inna side, barely disguising his surprise at the filled vehicle. Every row of seat had at least four adults. The whole thing was jampacked. He asked for the keys but Innas simply asked him to squeeze himself in and make himself the third passenger on the passenger seat beside him. It was an offer, which he declined.

The other passengers began to express anger at him for ‘delaying’ them. He waited for Innas to do the honorable thing but seeing his refusal, he refused to join the ‘procession.’

To his shock and surprise, as soon as Innas drove off he began to drop each of the passengers. The new driver watched in the distance as Innas dropped off all of them leaving just him alone in the car.

What story would he tell the boss when he met him?

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