One special feature of Ex-Speaker Dimeji Bankole and Aisha Shinkafi Saidu’s wedding taking place today

On January 15, 2020 we urged Nigerians to allow a different kind of breeze to blow instead of ‘the gloom that typically settles on the country every January 15’ since the most famous January 15 in the country’s history. We urged readers to commit to GEXDN, Gifts Exchange Day Nigeria.

‘GEXDN is an idea that came out from something the sages and ancients believed. The sages and ancients say, Gifts make a way…’

Is there a better gift to give than the gift of love?

While former Speaker Rt Hon Dimeji Bankole and Aisha Shinkafi Saidu are giving to each other the gift of love today, they are also giving the rest of Nigeria a special gift by their decision to wed today. The symbolism of demonstrating their love for each other with their families and well-wishers giving their full support should be seen within the wider framework of the GEXDN idea.

Choosing the day as one in which they publicly affirm their love and commitment to each other, will bring added gladness to many hearts. And who can deny that we all need a dose of added gladness at this time? Who can deny the longing for opportunities in which we may experience lasting and enriching gladness? Enriching gladness that welds together the components necessary for healthy growth and development, distributing just the right kind of energy near and afar.

By their action they have provided the answer to the question of, “Now that we’ve found love, what are we going to do with it?”

Give it. Sharing it is what we do when we find love. Exchanging it is what we do when we find love. Whether as a couple or a country.

Congratulations to Rt Hon Bankole and Aisha, their parents, families and all well-wishers. And congratulations to Nigeria for providing such an important gift.

May the blessings remain on all for long.

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