Thank You, too, Diana Ross!

Thank you, for thanking us, like we say down town. Thank you for titling your latest album, ‘Thank You.’ Thank you for reminding us that gratitude is not a one-way street. That it ought to be an endless cycle running through humanity in an ongoing basis.

Here is how it plays out: You put out a great musical album/performance and your listeners express their gratitude for how the music make them feel. They go a step further by buying your products and offerings, making you rich and famous in the process. Then you return with more gratitude (through your attitude and more music, of course.) Your listeners do the same and the cycle continues.

Admirers fall in love with your music and you in turn, fall in love with the attention and devotion from your fans. You and your fans become lovers of a special kind.

Through ongoing gratitude these lovers keep this important bond going. Thank you.

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