Seeing how pain united the hearts of rapper DMX Ex, his fiancé, family and the rest of us

In the presence of pain, hearts sometimes unite and push back typical considerations that often serve as barriers. Laying aside the garments of competition, suspicion and mistrust and donning the cloak of solidarity. One that is held and tied firmly in place by the cord of our shared humanity.

Our shared humanity is our often-disguised vulnerability. It is the limp. That famous ‘hole’ left in Jacob’s thigh by the Angel, to constantly remind him and the rest of us that though as a prince, he prevailed with God and man, he still had to walk with a limp. That although man goes through countless moments of conquests wherein, he would beat his chest and strike the air in triumph, he is still unprepared for some kinds of battles. Those kinds of battles that beguile by their character and initial presentations. And make us assume they would easily suffer the same fate as those we had earlier slain. And stamped our feet and authority upon. By their presentations, they make us drop our usual guard and assume nothing threatening to our status would come out of the encounter. But alas, the new enemy springs up with surprise before releasing the usually fatal blow.

Speaking of battles, beloved rapper DMX had fought and won many over the years but he lost the big one last Friday. Seeking help with his drug challenge many years before was certainly one of his triumphant moments even though there are some that would disagree. They forget that in and of ourselves we are not sufficient, especially when our vulnerabilities are amplified and habits we once thought as beneficial, had become monsters we would do anything to be rid of. It is no shame to ask for and seek help when we are in need.

If it were a shame to ask for help, the moving spectacle of seeing DMX Ex, his fiancé and numerous others, some with raised fists, asking for God’s help in front of the hospital where he received treatment until word came out that he had entered the long tomorrow, would not have been what it was.

Even when the dreaded Covid-19 added its weight to the opposition seeking to extinguish the life of DMX, many people still did not drop faith in their petition that his life be spared, and returned to his family, friends and fans. Alas, it did not happen like many had hoped. Yet, we must continue to ask for help.

As we ponder the legacy and greatness of the legendary rapper, we must not shy away from confronting the big elephant in the room. May we find the strength to say no to the temptation to indulge in seemingly innocent and pleasurable offerings capable of holding us captive. Such offerings that flatter to deceive with temporary ‘highs’ but which exact untold damage to our bodies and almost obscure the undeniable genius by the mounting evidence of broken lives.

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