Crown Liverpool FC as champions and release benevolent healing forces over the UK

You are not going to be popular with that suggestion, my friend

I am not looking for popularity

Don’t tell me you don’t know that some people are happy with Liverpool’s current status of suspended jubilation

I’m not naïve, I know. I also know that a target that does not satisfy when we attain it, is a target we did not need ab initio

Then you must know that dark speeches do not help your cause if you are serious about Liverpool FC being crowned champions

The ancients used figurative statements (what you call dark speeches) to kick-start deeper contemplations when they faced knotty situations

Such as?

Such as those awakened by coronavirus mania. Have you not considered the level of panic following widespread reactions to the virus in the UK?

Yet you are suggesting that Liverpool FC be crowned champions in such a situation?

Yes, my friend. The UK is in a special place. They have a unique instrument, quite unlike most nations of the world at this time. An instrument capable of triggering reactions of a global nature. They are creators of the Premier League but the rest of the world hold significant emotional stake in the enterprise

The UK and the rest of the world are preoccupied with finding a cure for coronavirus, my friend.

And what I’m suggesting is a trigger for benevolent healing forces to make their vital contribution to the ongoing efforts

What you are suggesting is not a scientific proposition. It cannot be subjected to the scientific method

Not every component in the healing architecture, is scientific, my friend. There are healing forces unknown to the scientific method. Some actions or inactions may aid or restrain the participation of benevolent healing forces in the healing process. In some cases, they could fast-track whatever positive effort being made in unimaginable ways.

Do you think so?

I know so. The sages taught that justice is the pillar that holds the rest of society together.

We are talking health; you are talking justice.

And you cannot see how they flow into each other? Crown Liverpool FC champions today and see what happens to the air tomorrow

You’ve not forgotten about social distancing, my friend?

All those details can be worked out easily. The most important step is acknowledging the run of the team, the unassailable lead, the undeniable evidence of the distance covered relative to the close of the season. You don’t want to discount all that and say because the season was suspended, all of that too should be suspended and placed on indefinite hold until the next season. You want to lump all that together and say the season was inconclusive until next season when every team begins on a clean slate?

Many other things have been suspended and may not begin till next season

Not this one. It is different. You don’t want us to find a cure for the coronavirus more quickly?

This is not some kind of subtle blackmail? Is it?

For something that’s so obvious? It is not blackmail. It is called justice.

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