Who knows how the world will look after coronavirus?

Once upon a time, a lion took three other cats and went up a hill. Some moments later the whole body of the lion was transformed into the brightest white imaginable. His mane took on a shade of brightness beyond compare. None of the other cats had ever seen anything like it. They were paralysed with fear at the spectacle. Unfortunately, instead of waiting quietly and digesting the full import and meaning of the frightening sight before them, their spokesman blurted out a recommendation to the lion.

He was so afraid, having no clue about what was going on yet he would not keep quiet. He was frightened to his bones yet he would not keep still.

Like him, many leaders and experts around the world who have been frightened by their failure to accurately predict the arrival of the coronavirus, its reach and impact on the world, and who have particularly been frightened to their bones by the widespread devastation of the unrelenting coronavirus, have not kept quiet! Instead of keeping quiet and patiently studying the unfolding scourge, they are already telling us what the world will look like after the virus.

Do you honestly think they know what the world will look like after the coronavirus? But they will not keep still. They are busy giving ‘expert opinions’ and making recommendations to the rest of us. Perhaps they want to continue to retain their positions as experts on matters of how the world will shape up tomorrow. But if disguised fear and worry is what’s pushing their ‘expert views’ and recommendations, the rest of us must consider them with a pinch of salt, or reject it altogether, like the lion in our story did.

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