South Korea’s LG Electronics pronouncement to totally withdraw its smartphone from the market as metaphor

Who purged LG smartphone of its one flowing and attractive juices? Who withheld the confidence of its manufacturers in its capabilities? And who/what compelled the management of South Korea’s LG Electronics to decide on the planned shut-down of its production?

Once upon a time, LG smartphones were the darling of many phone users. In many markets, they ranked among the market leaders. But suddenly, no place may be found for the phones among leaders of the pack anymore. What happened?

In addition to all the explanations given by LG Electronics, time is what happened. Change is what happened. Most times, when these two happen, one of two things follow – promotion or demotion.

The inquisition may continue to unravel the specific particulars and reasons for what happened, in the coming weeks and months, and as usual, will provide valuable intel. But the decision by the management to concentrate on the areas favoured by today’s momentum, markets, interests, preferences and moments, ties squarely with the age-old practice of letting the unproductive die a natural death instead of sacrificing the living, productive/profitable for that, which is passing away.

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