Scrubbing the wrong side of the glass in attempt to remove the stain on the window

Once upon a time there was a glass window that loomed so large. The window let the people of Tush-Tush-Keli enjoy a sweet view of the other side. The view through the window fed the imagination of the Tush-Tush-Kelians in remarkable ways. They began to build, develop, create, associate, interpret, and carry out various activities based on what they saw through the window. Everything about the culture of Tush-Tush-Keli was influenced by the view across the window.

One morning, the people woke up to see a huge stain on the glass window. They were sad that they could no longer see clearly through the glass window because of the stain. They felt worse when everyone that stepped forward, attempting to remove the stain, failed in removing the stain.

Remarkably, those who stepped forward to remove the stain wanted the Tush-Tush-Kelians to reward, honour and applaud them for their efforts! It was a new development in the culture of Tush-Tush-Keli. Previously, when the people could see clearly through the glass, reward, honour and applause went to those who provided verifiable, measurable and transformational results, not those who simply exerted themselves in routine activities. The stain on the glass window had indeed, brought a massive disruption to life as the people once knew in Tush-Tush-Keli.

Thankfully, an old man walked into Tush-Tush-Keli one morning. He observed the general disquiet, gloom and heaviness in the land. Then he observed closely the activities of those scrubbing the glass. The expression on his face changed immediately. He could not believe the people were scrubbing the wrong side of the glass with so much energy and drama. When he moved closer and told them what he saw, the workers said he needed a pair of glasses! They said his age had affected his sight. He would not be drawn into an argument. So, he turned away and returned to the path that brought him to Tush-Tush-Keli.

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