The Rose and the Sphinx – the abridged imaginary conversation between Madonna and Ravi Zacharias

Ravi: Hello Madonna

Madonna: Dr Ravi, oh what a delight

Ravi: I’m pleased to see you too.

Madonna: How did you know?

Ravi: How did I know what?

Madonna: How did you know I was thinking about you?

Ravi: You were? Boy, what an honour.

Madonna: Please don’t go there. I know you; you didn’t flatter or patronize your audiences

Ravi: That’s very kind of you, Madonna

Madonna: What am I supposed to do?

Ravi: Do with what?

Madonna: You mean you didn’t hear about the recent incident that brought me untold grief

Ravi: Tell me about it

Madonna: I posted something on my platform. In fact, I shared something I had seen somewhere else, and it was pulled down for not being true

Ravi: I’m sorry, what did you share on your platform?

Madonna: I shared a video which claimed that a proven cure for Covid-19 has been available for months but it was being kept secret to let the rich get richer and the poor and the sick get sicker.

Ravi: And you said it was pulled down for not being true or that it was a false claim?

Madonna: Yes

Ravi: I see. What bothered you the most about the incident?

Madonna: I’m surprised you’d ask that. You of all people, Dr Ravi.

Ravi: Please indulge me

Madonna: Wasn’t one of your more frequent presentations the definition of truth? What is truth and those four components you spoke about so passionately?

Ravi: I never knew you paid attention

Madonna: We all want truth, Dr Ravi

Ravi: Can I quote you on that?

Madonna: You may

Ravi: And would you want us to explore that path more closely because there are many surprises along the way?

Madonna: I’m sorry Dr Ravi, not right now. Maybe another time

Ravi: Ok. So, you were worried that your material was pulled down because they say it was a false claim

Madonna: Yes

Ravi: Why did that worry you so?

Madonna: Why was I singled out?

Ravi: Your words carry weight

Madonna: Everybody’s word carry weight

Ravi: But your word, dear Madonna carry more than the usual weight

Madonna: But why was I singled out when I’m not the only guilty party?

Ravi: I’m sorry

Madonna: I’m sorry too if I posted something that is not true but look around you, Dr Ravi, aren’t we swimming in a pool of all kinds of false claims, in politics, business, entertainment, religion, academics, everywhere, things we generally accept as normal and ok? And here I was singled out

Ravi: Mmm

Madonna: Is that all you are going to say?

Ravi: What’s your bigger worry, that you were singled out or that the pool of false claims is flowing everywhere?

Madonna: What do you think Dr Ravi? Oh, wait a minute. Is that what it feels like?

Ravi: Is that what what feels like?

Madonna: Questioning the questioner?

Ravi: And opening him within the framework of his own assumptions

Madonna: I knew you’d complete it, Dr Ravi

Ravi: You sound like you are feeling better

Madonna: I am. thank you so very much

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