Matt Reeves The Batman as the anatomy and ‘prophecy’ about abandoned out-of-school children and orphans – Three

The Riddler: “You know, I was there that day. The day the great Thomas Wayne announced he was running for mayor.” (2:16:06)

The typically abandoned out-of-school children and orphans remember political figures!

They know the identity of political leaders. They may not be eligible to vote because they have not attained the voting age but they see. Ironically, while they see most political leaders in their fast-driven convoy of expensive automobiles with sirens blaring in front, it seems many political leaders do not see these children or pay them the least attention.

This matter of seeing is so important. It is why some people continue to harp on the power of vision and fidelity to the same. Those who advocate that leaders construct their vision do so because the power of vision lies in the focus it gives. They anchor their argument on the fact that where there is no vision, the people cast off every restraint, particularly the guard-rails that protect against the allures of instant gratification. Where there is no vision, there is nothing like delayed gratification. And where there is no delayed gratification there is no sustainable development as may be attested to by nature and the available abundant historical data.

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