Medicaid Walk-Away Cancer – the postponed event and a poignant reminder of the nature of some fights

Today is the last day of October, the cancer awareness month. But for recent events in Nigeria, Her Excellency Dr Zainab Shinkafi Bagudu, First Lady of Kebbi State and chief executive of Medicaid Cancer Foundation, MCF would have led thousands including cancer survivors, care givers, public spirited individuals and other enthusiasts in the annual Medicaid Walk-Away cancer fest today. The event was earlier scheduled for last Saturday but was moved by one week.

Thankfully, the postponement of the Walk did not freeze other aspects of the important fight against cancer. The fight against cancer is one that does not permit us such ‘luxury.’ It is one fight that demands we remain fighting until mankind achieves victory considering the capability of the condition to wreak incalculable amount of damage to much that we hold dear the world over. Having known and accepted this fact, Medicaid Cancer Foundation, despite the challenges of recent weeks, continued to employ advocacy and creative communications with members of the public, especially those at risks, persuading them to go for screening and tests. Giving members of the public opportunity to be screened through its many ‘screening outreaches,’ has given an indication of the measure of fight locked within the bowels of MCF.

If cancer were endued with the capacity to reason and analyze issues, like we are, it would have seen the premium great strategists place on the value of surprise in a war situation. Knockout punches are sometimes delivered when the opponent is distracted (picture two boxers in the ring). Thus, cancer would have been surprised to see the relentless release of punches from those who had strong reasons to probably do otherwise.

Currently, we are faced with all kinds of fights on many fronts, medical, social, economic, environmental, etc. In some cases, the threats are menacing as if they want to completely wipe out all of mankind. Yet, we must encourage everyone holding down a forte and pushing back the resistance coming at them, to dig in. The matter of reinforcement is a necessity for all of those in the trenches but everyone must maintain focus. Those in charge of providing reinforcement should not drop the ball. If some persons hold their forte and others capitulate, whatever gains made by the collective may be undone. So, those to whom the collective has vested with the privilege of pushing back the ‘enemy’ coming at it from that direction, should quit looking over their shoulders whether other fighters so called, are doing as they should.

The MCF has picked its fight, giving its all to fight cancer, trusting that the rest of us are holding down our own and fighting the other threats coming at us.

At the end of the day, we all rise together or we fall completely apart for a breach anywhere is a potential breach everywhere!

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