What’s the value in knowing that China’s top 7, 2020 infrastructural projects are railways related?

Below are China’s top 7, 2020 infrastructural projects:

  1. Chongqing-Kunming, $20.5b, 699km high speed railway. The 6-year project will have a top speed of 350km/hour
  2. Chengdu, $19.1b, 176.65km urban rail transit phase iv
  3. Zhengzhou, $16.5b, 159.6km urban rail transit phase iii
  4. Xian, $14b urban rail transit
  5. Beijing, $12.5b urban rail transit phase ii adjustment
  6. Shenyang-Bache, $10.5b, 428km high speed railway
  7. Baotou-Yinchuan, $7.9b high speed railway
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