How is Antelope supposed to treat Tortoise’ claim of a cure for Covid-19 after his experience?

The antelope had an important moment once. He had come good on some pursuits and decided to kill a goat to celebrate the good times with his family and friends. But he could not kill the goat himself. It was not in his place to do so. The animals had selected some animals, among whom was the tortoise, to do that business. As payment for their services, these animals were allowed to take away certain parts of the butchered meat. Those animals given this privilege operated within the ambit of fairness and reason. They took their portion, and handed the rest of the butchered meat over to the owner.

Thus, when the antelope called the tortoise to kill and butcher his goat, he did not think he would be shocked beyond belief. Tortoise approached his assignment with skill and precision. In no time, he was done. He had butchered the goat into small sizes. His work was neat. He was quite fast too. The antelope was impressed. Then followed the collection of the portion dedicated to the ‘butcher.’ Tortoise not only collected his portion, he began to label other portions, giving them names never heard before by the antelope. These labeled portions he added to the portion he had already set aside for himself. The antelope was livid but he kept his anger under control, watching the spectacle in front of him. After tortoise had satisfied himself, he looked at the antelope and asked him what he thought of his service.

“You will know what I think of your service the next time I buy a goat to mark an important occasion.” How is the antelope supposed to treat Tortoise’ claim of a cure for Covid-19 after this experience?

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