Between Man City FC and Liverpool FC, who should ‘borrow’ Denzel Washington’s recent advice to Will Smith?

The answer is you

What do you mean, me? Am I Man City FC or Liverpool FC?

Because Man City has not kept their distance from Liverpool FC, your mind is thinking of the slap thing, abi?

Exactly. Man City will not like to be ‘slapped’ because Liverpool has covered the distance

Between her and Man City like Will Smith did before the slap landed on Chris Rock.

That entire episode was not funny at all.

I know, right.

That is why you’re bringing the Denzel Washington angle into it, abi?

Yes. Will Smith did report that Denzel Washington told him saying “At your highest moment, be careful, that’s when the devil comes for you’,” he recalled.

Is there any historical basis for Denzel Washington’s assertion?

I guess so

What if the coaching crew and players of both teams do not believe in the devil’s existence?

Then that will be unfortunate

You know what will also be unfortunate?


It will be unfortunate if Denzel Washington himself stops at any time from taking his own advice. Clearly, he’s seen so many highs over the years, and remained scandal-free for much of his life.

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